Looking Back

I know that I have already posted about looking back, but it was a short post and I promised Lisa I would write more when I got home. Now that I am home and cleaned up and rested (to an extent) I am finding myself missing it more and more. I can tell you that it is the weirdest thing to not see my group today! I miss everyone in the group so much. We have gotten so close over these four weeks and it is the weirdest and saddest feeling to not see any of them today! But looking back at the trip as a whole, it was such an amazing growing experience. It made me do things that I would not have done other wise. It grew me not only in my career choice, but in life in general. I am now a stronger, bolder, more confident person.

Being in the classroom for three weeks really allowed me to get used to teaching. It has prepared me for anything! I am so ready to have my own classroom to teach, I am so excited to start getting into the classroom more and more. I was able to co-teach with Diana which was a great experience within itself. We worked so well together and we were able to help each other grow as teachers. Teaching over 20 lessons in front of not only a class, but a class in Africa has made me so much more confident. Diana and I were thrown into many classrooms on the spot and being able to think up lessons in five minutes was a stretch but a great test! We were able to adapt to the different situations that we were thrown into. I have to say again that I am so prepared to be up in front of a classroom and I am even more excited to see even more differences and similarities between the classrooms!

The trip as a whole was a growing experience like I said earlier. This trip grew me physically, emotionally, and relationally. I was able to climb a mountain and I can tell you that I would have never been able to do it with out the group! There was so much encouragement and support from our group which is i think the only reason I made it! I truly think that I have created life long friendships which I am so thankful for! We not only have this trip in common, but we have the love of teaching in common! I am so excited to be able to share ideas and stories with all of them as we begin to have our own classrooms. This trip will be one that I will never forget and I already want to go back!


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